The Helen Ann Buckley Foundation

Inspirational Teacher Award

Who we are looking for :
Many teachers inspire, challenge, and motivate students daily. These teachers can widen a student’s perspective, foster learning and influence personal development. Inspirational teachers often lay the foundation of paths to student learning and enrichment that otherwise may not have been forged. The Helen Ann Buckley Foundation recognizes these excellent teachers with the Helen Ann Buckley Inspirational Teacher Award.

Please submit your nomination of a Sonoma Valley teacher from Dunbar, Flowery, El Verano, Sassarini or Prestwood by December 11, 2016. Three (3) teachers will be awarded $10,000 each.

Awards will be granted based on the quality of nominations, not the number received.


The teachers receiving the Helen Ann Buckley Foundation Inspirational Teacher Award should excel in the following areas:

Giving an extraordinary effort to motivate and inspire students.
Engaging students and provoking independent and original thought.
Advising students with personal attention and care.
Instilling in students a desire to learn and a love of learning.
Understanding the needs of students.
Encouraging student talents and fostering self-esteem.
Understanding that the vocation of teaching is a basic foundation necessary for the health and vibrancy of society.