Dedicated to Education

Helen Ann Buckley migrated to the Sonoma Valley from San Francisco in the prime of her life and she enthusiastically celebrated that move all the remaining days of her life. She truly loved Sonoma. As a token of gratitude for the joys and happiness the Sonoma Valley brought to her, Helen established the HAB Foundation and dedicated it to the enhancement of education opportunities. She left the bulk of her estate to the foundation.

The foundation has adopted the following programs to implement Helen’s desire to support education.
Inspiration Teacher Awards
Coordination with Summer Search


Renea Magnani, Kristi Draluck, and Chris Anspach
Michelle Clark, Janine Duma, Bob Gossett, Lauren Campos
Laura Monterosso, Mary Mellinger, Ethyl Tedson
Walt Williams, Pedro Merino, Tammy Rivera
Alison Manchester, Andy Gibson and Dean Knight